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Thank you once again.  This was my second visit to Anna, my first for Reflexology and this for a massage. I have a few conditions, that result in various Aches, Pains and muscle tightness, and I have visited Osteopaths and Chiropractors to combat these issues, but they only seem to treat the skeletal misalignments. I have only ever had a massage when on holiday, but thought I could do with some TLC on the aching muscles urgently. I began browsing over the internet, and kept leaving the pages thinking I couldn’t bring myself to visit some of these places (you never know how legit they are) and I am generally quite shy and nervous until I know someone coming back to Anna. The previous visit for my reflexology had left me feeling on top of the world for a good few weeks, only ruined by Man-Flu, and I had remembered how at ease Anna had made me feel, so I messaged Anna to make an appointment Once again, I was made to feel so at ease, and not uncomfortable at all. The chat beforehand, to assess areas of pain and proposed treatment was informal, putting me at ease, yet reassuring and very well explained. The massage was perfect. Aches seemed to lift away, and you genuinely get the feeling that there is an inner healing and treatment being given. Anna checked regularly to see if the pressure was okay or areas treated were fine, and pressure was either increased or decreased accordingly. When I wanted to chat, we would chat, when I wanted to be quiet, we were quiet, it was such an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The inclusion of massage to my head, neck and face, was so soothing, and this just sent me to total relaxation. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough, I am already pencilled in for another treatment


Today I was blessed with an amazing Reiki treatment with Anna. I have had Reiki in many places such as Sedona Arizona and am reiki level 2 myself. I must write a testimonial for Anna. She is incredible and the energy was outstanding. My mind, body and spirit are in total bliss right now.

Mattie BearAp 


Hi Anna after my Reflexology treatment, i wanted to thank you for your time, and the way you immediately put me at ease. I was very nervous and apprehensive about coming for treatment, the fears were instantly taken away. the consultation before treatment made me feel relaxed and encouraged, and the treatment itself was fantastic. My nervous disappeared and we chatted (more than i normally would), whilst you professionally went about your work. I wouldn't hesitate to book again, as I have felt so much more energised and less achy since treatment... Thank you! Peter 

After visiting Anna for a back massage I happened to mention that my 6 month old daughter seemed to be a bit clogged up having started solid food and I was going to give her a tummy massage that day.  Anna offered to massage her tummy for me which my little one enjoyed. Anna also used Reflexology on her feet to help the digestive sytem and seemed to work wonders!  It certainly seems to have done the trick and my little one has been regular since.  It was definitely a brilliant result and I felt the same with my back. 

Leah. P 


Combination treatment of Reiki & Reflexology:

"Felt great all day yesterday, even after shopping and I slept really well. I'm completely pain free today!"


I still feel like my mind has been re-booted and my body feels re-energised, none of the minor daily aches. I had the best night's sleep in weeks (overslept till an hour ago). You really are amazing, each time you give this treatment (Lomi Lomi) it has a more powerful effect.



I had been suffering back pain for a few months and nothing was helping. I then decided to try a massage. I came across Anna's website and nervously (as I had never had a massage before) gave Anna a call. Anna spent almost 15 minutes on the phone explaining how she may help and suggested number of things I could try myself... I really welcomed this as she really put me at ease and then left it to me if I wanted to book a session. A few days later I went to see Anna, she again took about 20-30 minutes to consult which was free!!, Anna adapted the session to meet my needs which really helped, I was well on the road to recovery a couple of days later!! Anna also made a follow-up call a few days later with further advice. From start to finish I did not feel pressurised and the whole process was professional. Anna is caring and a "True professional" I highly recommend her. 
Mr Patel  

Anna has a professional approach but is very friendly and instantly put me at ease. She takes the time to listen to you and genuinely cares. Having had two treatments so far I have felt so much better and totally relaxed afterwards. I will be seeing Anna on a regular basis now and would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from aches, pains and stress!

Andy M


Anna I am feeling marvellous after my Reiki session. Much stronger within and more focused with more energy too Thank you!

Tracy Wallis


After a full body massage from Anna, I enjoyed the best nights sleep in months. The massage was for me an hour of "Switch Off" time in a very busy lifestyle.
Anna freed up the tight tension muscles in my shoulders and back and my who body felt the benefit of the massage for days. The organic oils she used were delightful and the soothing music added to the experience. Anna tailored the massage to my needs following a free consultation. I am a novice to holistic treatments but will certainly visit Anna again and will recommend her services to my family and friends. A care plan was also given to me which was totally unexpected. Such a professional lady, I can't wait to try out other holistic treatments with Anna, I am feeling better already!

Kay Chamberlain


I contacted Anna after suffering severe headaches for a number of weeks.I had a consultation lasting about 30 minutes and then a treatment session of an hour...what you actually pay for is the treatment only, the consultation is free.
Anna is a warm, friendly lady who immediately puts you at ease.My treatment was tailor made to address my issues and worked wonders! I slept well that night and three weeks later have not had another headache. As I have a stressful job Ive opted to see Anna monthly, had my second visit yesterday and again last night , slept like a log.
I cant recommend Anna an appointment, it may be the best decision you make.

Ali L


I have been seeing Anna over the last 3 years for different types of full body massage. It has helped me on a monthly basis with stress, tension and painful knees. Anna has been very reliable and has really looked after me and made me feel welcome. Thank you!

Michael P


Really glad I booked a treatment for my back. I felt so relaxed afterwards and had a great night's sleep. Highly recommended, Anna is a consummate professional and will leave you feeling at complete ease.

Malien Shalien


Very professional and friendly service, full time and attention was given. A 60 min massage is a 60 min massage. Consultation time was seperate and free...
Anna has an excellent spiritual understanding/awareness and is very in tune with the flow of the bodies energies.
I love the organic oils she uses. I feel really good after todays session. Relaxed and yet energised as well.
I would and will definately recommend her to my feiends and family!!!

Michael Roberts


Please book me in this week for Lymphatic Drainage Massage as my legs are looking so much better. I tried on some shorts today and I wasn't as horrified as I normally would be. THANKS ANNA JARDINE

Soph. P


I suffer with chronic hay-fever and allergies, which means that I take significantly more than my prescribed 30mg of anti-histamine to help me get by. This all changed after I had my Lymphatic Drainage Massage from Anna. I had my massage first thing on Sunday morning and I did not need any anti-histamine that day and have only taken up to 10mg per day since! My life has changed, thank you Anna and I shall be booking my next massage for maintenance shortly. If you suffer with allergies then you must have this massage, it will help your suffering and lesson the long term effects of histamine supplements. Thank you Anna!

M. Nyirenda


Hi Anna. Lovely to meet you yesterday. Honestly, you must have magic fingers-my pain is almost gone and I've not felt this good in a long while. Hope to see you again soon. Meanwhile, thanks again & take care.

Alex J


Once again Thank You Anna for your help with treating my sciatica. Just 1 hours treatment from yourself and I can actually get a good nights sleep and drive without pain in my leg. Thanks Anna you are a wonder worker!

Liam B


It was lovely to see you and I feel like a new person. So very relaxed! You have amazing hands, thank you so much. I shall be back soon


My lower back and hips are soooo much better. I can hardly feel any pain now! My shoulders were a little sore but have now eased throughout the day. So a BIG thank you for fixing me!

Lisa U


Hello Anna, I have had to text you to say this is the first day in a long time (years probably!) that I have woken up to no pain at all, not even a twinge! I can't believe it, no drugs, no hot water bottle and I have even been to gym and a whole 1.5hr class without a twinge of pain!
T Wallis


I have been visiting Anna Jardine for regular Reiki sessions for about 8 months. I contacted her after searching for a practitioner local to my home or work following a course of CBT sessions as part of my treatment for anxiety and depression. My therapist and I discussed various strategies that I describe as "pressing the reset button". I wanted something that would help me to meditate, pause and be still for a period of time so that I could cope with my hectic personal and professional life. I truly believe with Reiki that you need to connect with the practitioner and, having tried Reiki some years ago, I have had some good practitioners and some I just could not connect with. However from my very first visit with Anna, I connected and reacted positively to he treatment instantly. I felt incredibly emotional after my first visit as I have often done since as Anna and I connect so well spiritually. This is not in a negative way I just feel so relieved to at last have found something that works for me. Anna disposes of any negativity I am holding and replaces it with positivity, my whole body feels still and rejuvenated after a Reiki session. I am convinced my heart rate and blood flow slow down as if my body is at last at rest. Having suffered with depression for as long as I can remember I recognize that it is part of my life and will come and go but I am able to meet it head on with Anna's help and its effects on me have been significantly reduced as a result of my regular Reiki sessions. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough and we are now discussing other alternative treatments such as reflexology or hot stone massage but I will never give up on my Reiki either!

Ms T Wallais

I had a gorgeous sleep after my fabulous, relaxing and therapeutic massage yesterday. No more headaches either. Thank you!

Loz 35


Thanks Anna, I hadn't felt that relaxed in years. I slept like a log thanks to you and I shall be booking again soon for Hot Stones Massage! It was better than I thought.
S O'Grady


Had the most amazing full body massage off this lady! Highly recommend her services! Iv had lots of massages before off many different place and I can safely say there has not been one close to Anna's, very personal, very professional, felt amazing since! Thank You Anna! Xxxx

J Kinsella


This is the best massage treatment I've ever had. Anna is a highly qualified and skilled therapist who is very friendly but yet professional. I suffer from Sciatica which is very painful and affects my lifestyle and sleep patterns. Anna tailored the treatments for this problem and after my 2nd appointment I haven't suffered with the pain. It has gone! Anna really does have healing hands and I was very relaxed afterwards. I will most definitely be returning on a regular basis and I wouldn't go anywhere else now. 

I can fully recommend Anna to help with pain.

L Byrne


I have had a very painful shoulder, back and neck for 4 weeks which has prevented me from doing my day to day activities. I have also not been able to attend my weekly Tai-Chi class as I couldn't lift my arm. I experienced my first treatment yesterday with Anna and today I can move and lift my arm with no problem or pain

K Chamberlain

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