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About Me

Welcome to AJ Holistic Therapies, I am so thrilled and grateful to be offering my relaxation and holistic therapies into my eleventh year.  I love what I do and it brings me great pleasure to help people of all ages on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level.


It has been a true life changing journey from when I first began on this path which has brought me so much satisfaction and reward


During my training I was dealing with daily pain, which took 4 years to obtain a correct diagnosis.  I understand to a deep level how debilitating pain is not only to the physical body, but also mentally and emotionally.


I pride myself on tailoring each treatment to my clients’ individual needs in a relaxed environment, providing an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated whilst using only 100% natural products.

Anna Jardine Holistic Therapies Massage Walsall
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