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Hair Removal

I use Adam & Eve strip and hot waxes which are designed to be non-sticky and to pick up even the finest hairs, leaving the skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented.  


Adam & Eve waxes contain natural ingredients including pure Australian beeswax, almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil.  The products are vegan friendly and never tested on animals.


Depending on your consultation, prices may vary.  


All price start from:


  • Half leg, including knee £15.00

  • Half leg and back of thighs £20.00

  • Full leg wax £25.00

  • Full leg wax and regular bikini wax £28.00

  • Regular bikini wax £10.00

  • High bikini wax £15.00

  • Brazilian and Hollywood £20.00

  • Underarm wax £10.00

  • Half Arm wax £8.00

  • Full Arm wax £16.00

  • Upper lip or chin wax £6.00

  • Upper lip and chin wax £10.00

  • Eyebrow wax £8.00

  • Chest wax £20.00

  • Back wax £20.00

  • Shoulder Wax £10.00

I also offer massage, reflexology and reiki.  Please see my other pages.

Anna Jardine Holistic Therapy Adam & Eve Wax Walsall
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